Everyone has the best intentions when it comes to staying inspired, energized and informed, but sometimes you just need motivation to fall into your lap. If typing in a URL into your address bar isn’t an option, you up your chances of discovering the latest news, funniest stories and solid gold creativity boosts by subscribing to these diverse and insanely well done e-newsletters. You’ll find everything from interviews with the newest presidential candidates and breaking news to actual hand-drawn illustrations and delicious recipes delivered straight to your inbox daily, weekly or monthly.


1. Brit + Co’s Newsletter: If you can’t browse Brit + Co’s site at work (seriously, what’s wrong with your bosses?), then the next best thing is skimming the top posts in your email. Get your fill of party essentials, tips and all the good stuff you love from our site in a small, digestible bite.


2. Alexandra Franzen: Communication expert and all-around cool girl Franzen blasts out this simple yet powerful newsletter that’s concise, inspirational and delightful. You’ll be so stoked to read Alexandra Franzen’s weekly personal notes that you’ll leave each one with a renewed spirit that’s rarin’ to write that book, sign up for that triathlon and rock out to her newest playlist all at the same time. #trust.


3. Austin Kleon: Once a week, best-selling author and artist Austin Kleon sends out 10 writings, pieces of art and other interesting links he finds worthy of sharing with his 19,000+ email subscribers. This is where you’ll get your weekly culture fix. Not sure if it’s your thing? Check out the archive!


4. NextDraft: This entertaining and digestible news source, created and curated by Silicon Valley mogul Dave Pell, is the perfect way to keep track of the top (and bottom) 10 stories of the day. If funny, informative and strange are the sorts of adjectives you’d like to describe your mid-day reading, this newsletter is for you.


5. Nosh on It: This one’s for the foodies and aspiring chefs out there. The best recipes and expert cooking tips from up-and-coming bloggers, chefs and food pros are delivered daily. They even offer unique editions based on your dietary needs. Gluten free, anyone?


6. Braid: Creative #Girlbosses, you’ll want this in your inbox asap. Braid is brought to you by a talented sister duo, Kathleen and Tara, who want to help you crush it as a creative entrepreneur. These ladies keep it real when it comes to branding, and they share personal anecdotes in their newsletter (it doesn’t hurt that they’re both totally rad too).


7. Think Clearly: Mathias Jakobsen provides hand-drawn reflection exercises in each newsletter, all aimed at helping readers connect, understand and look at things a bit differently. Not only is it refreshing to see something in your inbox that wasn’t typed, but this revolutionary site is registered as public domain. Share on, Internet, share on.


8. Delightfully Tacky: Liz Morrow is a bubbly, beautiful lifestyle blogger who delivers everything from tips for non-awkward camera poses to freebie cocktail recipe booklets straight to your inbox. Her energy is contagious and you will definitely be clicking around her site when you’re not reading her newsletter.


9. Charged: The Next Web’s editor, Owen Williams, wants to help you stay on top of the ever-changing tech industry, even if you don’t live it on the daily. Every weekend he rounds up the best of tech news and delivers it without the jargon.


10. Today in Tabs: For a humorous, snarky and unapologetic overview of daily news, complete with notable Tweets, trending Britney Spears tracks and more, subscribe to Rusty Foster’s Today in Tabs. Don’t blame us if your browser crashes from all the open tabs!


11. The Nectar Collective: This newsletter is a gold mine for any and all social media lovers. Whether you’re looking to up your Instagram following, start a blog or take your creative biz to the next level, Melyssa Griffin, a design studio owner and blogger coach (yep, that’s a thing!) has a wealth of knowledge she generously plops in your inbox.


12. Muck Rack Daily: This journalistic gem filters through the #tbts on Twitter and focuses on trending topics among writing professionals. There are lots of voices out there shouting 140 characters at a time, but this is a quick and easy way to see what the newsrooms think you need to know.


13. Very Short List: Want to get your cultural fix, but don’t have much time? The Very Short List delivers three awesome things that are on-topic for each day, like tech on Monday and food on Friday. Oh, and there’s a different curator each day to shake things up!


14. The Skimm: This wildly popular newsletter allows you to skim the news in an easy and amusingly addictive way. As if we needed any other reason to love it, it was founded by two incredible women under 30. Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin wanted to change the way millennials got their news, and they’ve definitely succeeded.

Are you subscribed to any of these e-newsletters? Which one is your favorite?