In 2018, our cell phones pretty much an extension of us as technology evolves faster than you can say “5G.” But Nokia, who was probably the maker of your very first cell phone back in the day, just announced that we’re all about to party like it’s 1999 again, because they’re re-releasing their iconic banana phone.

First released in 1996, the banana phone (aka the Nokia 8110) was instantly popular when Keanu Reeves used it exclusively in The Matrix in ‘99. The phone suddenly became the coolest (and brightest!) tech accessory on the block, before being replaced with newer models, like the Motorola Razr and the BlackBerry.

But with ‘90s nostalgia at an all-time high, Nokia has announced they’re bringing back the bright yellow banana phone, only this time with a 2018 upgrade. The new model won’t have a “flashy operating system,” but according to CNN Money, it will have some apps, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google Maps (which would have come in handy for Neo).

The banana phone 2.0 is slated for release in May and will only cost about $97, which is a bargain for some sweet, sweet ‘90s nostalgia. And with the return of the BlackBerry later this year and Kim Kardashian using a hot pink flip phone on her Snapchat, we’re honestly just waiting for the moment when the Zack Morris-style brick phone makes its grand return, too. Perhaps the pager will make a comeback!? We’ll beep ya later!

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