It seems like everyone is getting engaged these days. And whether you are in a long-term relationship or single and loving it, it’s always fun to look at pretty rings. But classic diamonds and traditional settings just aren’t for everyone. If you are lusting for something a little less conventional, check out these one-of-a-kind rings that you won’t be able to resist Pinning, even if it’s to one of your “secret” boards.

1. Hexagon Brown Diamond Ring ($1,180): The color contrast gives this ring an art deco feel to it, which is a great contrast with the slightly worn-looking band.

2. Vintage Engagement Ring ($985): Just because you want a diamond ring doesn’t mean it can’t stand out. Instead of a traditional setting, a vintage style like this one has intricate details that can’t be mimicked.

3. Black Diamond Rapunzel Ring ($4,125): A black diamond is a chic alternative to a white one and the beaded yellow band makes this one look truly special.

4. Metal Stacked Diamond Ring ($1,150): Designed to symbolize two paths merging into one, the band makes this ring one-of-a-kind.

5. Evergreen Ring ($300): If you’re looking for an alternative to a diamond that’s just as sparkly, amethysts are a stunning option. Look at the way this one catches the light — gorg!

6. Carnelian and Champagne Ring ($1,350): The color alone makes this ring awe-inspiring and the small diamonds on the sides add a traditional engagement element.

7. Three Diamond Ring ($5,500): This ring may have a traditional setting of three diamonds, but the rough-cut stones and gray-rose coloring really makes it stand out.

8. Fingerprint Ring ($250): What makes this ring awesome is that you can get your partner’s actual fingerprint engraved on it. How cool is that?!

9. Diamond Cluster Ring ($2,250): This ring proves it’s still possible to go with a diamond without it looking totally cliche. Choosing a cluster instead of a solitary stone is unexpectedly stunning.

10. Fishtail Diamond Ring ($350): Not every girl wants a big flashy ring. That’s not what getting engaged is about… right? When going smaller on the diamond, look for a ring with an especially cool band, like this one.

11. Pas De Deux Ring ($410): Choosing a ring that shows a more literal interpretation of marriage can be gorgeous. This piece is inspired by rings worn in the 15th century that represented an agreement between two people and often had “one from two” engraved on the inside.

12. Montana Sapphire Ring ($4,200): Even if you don’t go with a white diamond, clarity and cut are still two important “Cs” to pay attention to. When a stone is as pure as this one, it’s gorgeous at any angle.

13. Gold Knot Ring ($180): Show the unbreakable bond between you and your partner with a simple knot ring.

14. Delfina Delettrez Big Ring With Diamonds: After we spotted the bling on NastyGal founder Sophia Amoruso’s finger (btw — congrats, #GirlBoss!), we got to Googling and this similar stunner popped up. All we can say is wow. And yes, we will happily spend the rest of our life with you.

Which ring is your favorite? Do you prefer a traditional or non-traditional ring? Tell us in the comments below!