With longer days and higher temperatures on the rise, protecting your skin from the sun should come before perfecting your capsule wardrobe or pulling together a killer DIY margarita bar. And of course, we all know that regularly wearing sunscreen, whether you’re going on an outdoor adventure or simply running errands, is a great first step to staying safe, but we wanted to know more. We called up expert dermatologist Dr. Kally Papantoniou to uncover the sun protection tips we need to add to our daily routine ASAP.


1. Choose the right shades. We know that the right pair of sunglasses can be a staple in any girl’s summer wardrobe, but Dr. Kally suggests wearing sunglasses that have a UVA/UVB filter. “This will help protect your retina and also the delicate skin around your eyes. Wearing sunglasses also reduces the number of times you squint, which contributes to wrinkles.” Score!

2. Don’t forget about your car. Summers were made for roadtripping cross-country or packing up the kids to visit grandma and grandpa. But it’s important to prep your car for those long trips. “Backseat window screens for children also come in UPF material that will block harmful rays while children are in the car,” says Dr. Kally.


3. Add a rash guard to your wardrobe. These super stylish shirts will have you giving off serious surfer babe vibes. They typically come in a variety of lengths, from a quarter sleeve all the way to full arm coverage. Dr. Kally adds, “At the beach, consider wearing a rash guard that’s at least UltraViolet Protection by Fabric (UPF) 50. They are making trendy styles with fun prints, and it’s really a must-have for mom, dad and the kids.”

4. Add a sunscreen stick to your arsenal. “Try using sunscreen sticks for areas that are more sensitive, like around your eyes, especially if you are active. Plus, sticks reduce the amount of runoff of product into eyes from sweating,” says Dr. Kally. If your sweetie is bald, sticks can be great for scalp application. “It won’t look shiny and won’t be easily sweated off. This also works great for children’s faces for the same reasons.”

5. Hats should be a mix of form and fashion. We all love a stylish floppy hat to keep us protected and cute while we’re laying out at the pool. Dr. Kally advises that “hats should have a wide brim and be constructed out of UPF 50+ fabric. If you are gardening or playing golf, I would get a hat that also covers the back of the neck.”

6. Give your lips some love. “Lip balm with SPF 30 should be applied when you are outdoors, whether at the beach or going for a run,” suggests Dr. Kally. She also makes note that lip balm will need to be reapplied more frequently, about every hour, or after eating or drinking.


7. Don’t forget to reapply. Putting sunscreen on is, of course, the first step, but it’s not the only step. Dr. Kally reminds us to make sure we’re reapplying. She says, “Set the timer on your smartphone to go off in 90 minutes so you can keep track of the time and remind yourself to reapply.”

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