Call it an endless love of school supplies, note-taking nerdiness, or a simple admiration for blue and red lines in a clean pattern. Whatever you call it, there’s something so nostalgic about a piece of loose leaf, don’t you think? That’s why for today’s bit of eye candy, we’ve rounded up 13 products that celebrate that old fashioned pattern, even though it is no longer part of everyday life.

1. Notebook Paper Ceramic Cup ($35): This would look rather fetching on any desk. And you can go ahead and fill it with Red Bull if it’s that kind of morning — we won’t tell.

2. Notebook Paper Cookies: We need to make these cookies! Or maybe graph paper ones? Legal pad ones? The cookie-making wheels are definitely turning. (via Beki Cook’s Cake Blog)

3. Notebook Paper Bags ($6): Buy ’em or make ’em!

4. Notebook Socks ($12): Wait, what? Yes. Socks!

5. Doodle Duvet Cover ($79): Not only is this inspired by notebook paper, but it acts like notebook paper too. Use washable fabric markers to create your own doodles, then wash out when it’s time for a refresh.

6. Notebook Paper Speck iPhone Case ($30): I might have just ordered this…

7. Notebook Paper Reusable Sandwich Bag ($8): The days of lunch bags are NOT behind us, and this reusable sandwich bag would be great for bringing lunch to work or for stashing a PB&J in your pocket on the slopes.

8. Notebook Paper Nail Art: Straight A’s! (via WikiHow)

9. Sunnies Pouch ($35): We love the hand-sewn cursive font on this pouch.

10. Lined Paper Cross Stitch ($34): Order this for Valentine’s Day and you’ll get about a million points in the throwback romance department.

11. Notebook Paper Washi Tape ($4): Well obviously washi comes in a notebook paper pattern!

12. Custom Notebook Paper Pillow ($55): Another romantic option, you can choose any words to adorn this pillow with.

13. “Paper” Towels ($44): A favorite from our Back to School Etsy roundup these tea towels are based on the iconic patterns found in school notebooks, legal pads, and the like. We want all four!

What school-inspired throwbacks do you swoon over? Talk to us in the comments below.