There鈥檚 a lot of cause to celebrate today. Not only is it Galentine鈥檚 Day, but it鈥檚 also day three of New York Fashion Week. Yes, despite it being 16 degrees Fahrenheit outside with the wind chill factor bringing it down to a chilly three degrees 鈥 THREE DEGREES, YA鈥橪L 鈥 we walked through 40 mph winds to bring you the best of NYFW today. Without further ado, here鈥檚 you Busy Girl Guide to NYFW for day three (check out days one and two if you haven鈥檛 yet!)


1. Need-It-Now Look: Supermodel Devon Windsor opened the show at Rebecca Minkoff today in a gorgeous white outfit, but it was her second look that had us sitting up in our seats. This absolutely pitch-perfect patterned blouse + high-waisted black skirt combo is the look you need for that summer to early fall transition weather. Plus, who said you can鈥檛 mix brown and black leathers? The black lace-up wedge sandals + a slouchy brown hobo really polish up this look. This snap was taken by Dev鈥檚 pal and fellow supermodel Coco Rocha who was, of course, sitting front row and cheering on her friend. (@cocorocha)

2. DIY Hair Inspo: We鈥檝e said it before and we鈥檒l say it again: the 鈥70s are back. We went backstage at Mara Hoffman鈥檚 Fall/Winter 2016 presentation at the insanely cool High Line Hotel (an 1895 Collegiate Gothic building with a 21st century makeover). The inspiration behind the look was Mara Hoffman telling TRESemm茅鈥檚 lead stylist Tyler Laswell, 鈥淚magine walking in a French parlor in the 鈥20s and Bianca Jagger, Cher and Jerry Hall are there.鈥 The hair is 鈥渢riangular shaped and very big鈥 but 鈥渢ouchable enough to finger through it鈥 and have it keep its shape. To do that, the team interestingly enough conditioned BEFORE shampoo in order to keep the hair super light. These tight little curls are deconstructed Marcel Waves, and are achieved by reverse wrapping strands around a teeny curling iron and gently stretching + pulling the curl apart before the hair cools. Va-va-voom. (@infubilu)


3. Next Level Beauty: Also at Mara Hoffman, lead MUA from Sephora Pro Ilde Goncalves gave us the 411 on the look. 鈥淭he inspiration for the colors, we pulled from the peacock feather and that鈥檚 why we鈥檙e using shades of teal, blue, green and turquoise depending on the model鈥檚 skin tone and the dress,鈥 he tells us. Since it鈥檚 the 鈥70s and all, the lashes are big. 鈥淲e鈥檙e adding fake lashes and a lot of mascara and then we tweezers, we鈥檙e clumping the lashes together,鈥 Ilde says. You鈥檙e probably thinking, CLUMPS?! Isn鈥檛 that what you don鈥檛 want? But this look is all Twiggy. (@Sephora)


4. Street Style #Slay: It鈥檚 definitely sweater (sweatshirt) weather and when it鈥檚 cold outside, sometimes you don鈥檛 want to wear anything aside from sweats. Here鈥檚 how you can do that stylishly. This Jersey coat and dress ensemble was spotted outside of this morning鈥檚 Lacoste show 鈥 even the scarf is gray! The furry + bright magenta clutch is also 鈥 dare we say it? 鈥 so clutch. Talk about a statement piece. (@camilacoehlo)


5. OMG Runway Moment: Um, hello ruffles! This bright yellow two-piece was spotted at the Christian Siriano show today. Everything about this outfit 鈥 the layers and layers of yellow, those bell sleeves and even the yellow python print show peeking out from under the skirt 鈥 is attention grabbing perfection. (@yahoostyle)

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