Everything old is new again, right? It has proven to be true in our style (hello, overalls), and now it appears the same can be said for baby names. According to BabyCenter Australia, one major trend happening in the baby name world is old Hollywood-inspired names. While names like Amelia, Olivia, Ezra and Asher are the top four names of 2016 so far, names like Marlon, Marilyn and Grant are rising in popularity. For a full list of the names on the rise that BabyCenter AUS has highlighted, scroll on down.

Girls’ Names

Beautiful kid girl

1. Audrey

2. Bette

3. Clara

4. Greta

5. Jean

6. Ingrid

7. Judy

8. Joan

9. Mae

10. Marlene

11. Rita

12. Ginger

13. Vivien

14. Scarlett

15. Ava

16. Harlow

17. Marilyn

Boys’ Names


1. Fred

2. Clark

3. Cary

4. Gregory

5. Harold

6. Humphrey

7. Flynn

8. Grant

9. Laurence

10. Kirk

11. Orson

12. Sidney

13. Spencer

14. Gene

15. Buster

16. Marlon

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