While now is the time to book a cheap flight to Europe, we’re going to give you yet another reason to take advantage of those handy airfare installment payment plans. If you’re looking to head to a locale that has sunny beaches, dreamy cities, historical landmarks and cultural treasures, not to mention somewhere you’ve probably never been before (ya know, political sanctions and all), then you’re going to be thrilled about the newest travel destination on everyone’s list. CUBA! That’s right, JetBlue will be starting the first flights from the US to Cuba sooner than you’d think.

New York, USA - April 30, 2012: Airbus A320 JetBlue arrives at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, NY on April 30, 2012. The A320 was the first narrow body airliner from Airbus. It is the biggest competition to Boeing 737NG.

In what appears to be the first regularly scheduled flights from the US to Cuba since the Obama administration made efforts to improve relations with the country, JetBlue has made travel history. With both American Airlines and Silver Airways announcing flights in the fall, JetBlue will be the leader in the pack by launching their non-charter Cuba route starting August 31 and offering three flights per week (with daily service coming on October 1 and landing in other cities, including Havana, starting various dates throughout the fall). Heading from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Santa Clara in Cuba, travelers will find themselves in one of the country’s city hubs.

Street with Cuban flag in Havana

And how much will it cost to head over to Cuba? A mere $99 for a one-way flight. Nice! “It’s a new day for Cuba travelers and one we have thoughtfully prepared for,” said JetBlue’s Marty St. George in a statement from the airline. “We are proud to usher in a new era of Cuba travel with affordable fares and great service.” Get ready for gorgeous beaches, stunning architecture, vibrant culture and an incredible history, because Cuba is the spot for an epic travel adventure.

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(h/t USA Today; photos via rypson, tunart, anyaberkut/iStock)