Whether you’re planning a trip solo or are on the move with the fam (breastfeeding jettsetting moms, hello!), traveling is expensive, obvs. Like, totally-drain-your-bank-account kind of expensive, especially if flying is involved. That’s where Airfordable comes in. This awesome company — which totally realizes that sometimes the need to get away doesn’t always coincide with our financial sitch — allows you to pay for your plane tickets in installments. Accessibly affordable airfare FTW!

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Giving travelers the opportunity to “deposit upfront and pay off the rest in an easy, flexible payment plan before your departure date,” the process is pretty straightforward, though it requires a few specific steps. First, you need to track down whatever flight you’re interested in (on whatever travel site you prefer) and take a quick screenshot. Upload that and a few other deets to Airfordable, and (if you’re approved) they’ll calculate a payment plan. They’ll give you up to three months to pay up before you take off into the wild blue yonder, which seems like a pretty sweet deal.

There’s just one other thing you should know. There’s a fee to pay for this nifty service. At 10 to 20 percent (depending on demand, the date of travel and ticket price), it can be pretty pricey. If you take the full three-month repayment period with the larger 20 percent fee, you’ll be coughing up a whopping extra chunk of cash.

But before you plan your next trip, this could be your road to an affordable flight (if you manage to avoid killer fees).

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(h/t Tech Crunch; photos via Getty)