Being a grown-up is kind of cool. You can stay up all night, eat breakfast for dinner and watch TV all day if you want to. But obviously, adulthood comes with a few downsides. Like taxes, bills and, oh yeah, RENT. If you’re looking to make a big move to one of America’s most popular cities, we’ve got some (slightly depressing news): You might want to check your savings account before you pack up and go. Rental startup Zumper just released the average price of a one-bedroom apartment in 10 cities across the country, and damn you guys, it’s kind of insane.


Zumper tracks the rental price of a one-bedroom apartment on a monthly basis over on their blog. For the month of April, here is the going rate of a one-bedroom in these 10 cities:

San Francisco, CA – $3,590

New York, NY – $3,340

Boston, MA – $2,310

Oakland, CA – $2,280

San Jose, CA – $2,270

Washington, DC – $2,200

Los Angeles, CA – $1,970

Miami, FL – $1,900

Chicago, IL – $1,790

Seattle, WA – $1,750

Ok, wow. Honestly, these numbers leave us with just one question: Where does one go to sell their firstborn? If you have any leads our wallet would really like to know.

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