If you’ve ever fantasized about combining your favorite snack flavors, but been unsure of how to achieve it, have no fear: The Food Surgeon is here!

Extreme YouTube videos are nothing new. But we can say for sure that we haven’t seen anything quite like The Food Surgeon. Wearing rubber gloves with a surprisingly quiet background, the precision “cooking” videos combine treats in a way we never imagined… and find incredibly fascinating.

Who knew we would want to watch someone dissect a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and an Oreo cookie? In the past, we would have simply piled one on top of the other and chowed down, but thanks to these videos, we’re thinking it’s time to up our snack game.

Currently, The Food Surgeon only has two videos up on their channel (the other is the very clinical-looking dissection of an orange), but we’re excited to see what other intense snack concoctions they come up with, and wonder if we’ll ever discover this mastermind’s true identity!

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(Photo via Scott Olsen/Getty)