It’s the summer, which means beach-ready hair, road trips and FOOD! Yeah, you may have worked hard on that summer body but when the temps rise there’s nothing better than some seasonal indulgences — and maybe a drink or two ;) This year OREO is adding another option to the poolside snacking game with a brand new product that is *supposed* to make us feel a little less guilty about eating endless stacks of cookies. LOL, yeah right, who are they trying to fool.

OREO Thins

The cookie co today introduced the world to OREO Thins, the latest (and healthiest?) cookie sandwich that is sure to take the world by storm. After offering up everything from Strawberry Milkshake + Green Tea cookies to OREO Minis + Fudge Cremes, the newest cookie lineup — available nationwide July 13 in Original, Golden and Mint flavors — is described as a “crisp, delicate cookie” and geared more toward grownups. The company recommends pairing it with an afternoon latte or a cup of tea, for example. Yeah, whatever, we’re still gonna pair our OREO cookies (in any shape, size, flavor, etc.) with a glass of milk.

OREO Thins

Since these new OREO’s are thinner, they allow for more guilt-free eating, so to speak. For example, the recommended serving size for these cookies is four for 140 calories vs. three Original cookies for 160 cals. Okay, but we’re probably gonna eat more than four and we may even pair them with OREO pancakes for breakfast and a spiked OREO shake for happy hour, so just give into the guilty indulgence and call it a day ;)

Will you be picking up OREO Thins next time you’re in the store or sticking with the original? Let us know in the comments.

(Photo via Oreo)