Summertime is for epic pool floaties, ice cream floats (bonus if they have beer in them!) and sunshine on top of sunshine. By now, you’re probably living in your swimsuit and testing out your waterproof cosmetics. All that pool hopping could, however, mean rockin’ wet tresses out to dinner and splashing in the chlorine until your hair turns a lovely shade of green. We’ve collected all your summertime hair essentials to keep your fringe on point, even if your tan lines are out of control.

Hair products


1. Split End Salve ($12): Show those split ends who’s boss with this salve that’ll buy you a few more weeks before your next salon visit.


2. Deep Conditioning Mask ($26): Is your hair already feeling dry and damaged? Whip it back into shape with this ultra-nourishing, deep-conditioning mask that contains luxurious ingredients like rosehip and avocado oils.


3. Surf Spray ($27): Unleash your inner beach babe with this no-beach-necessary sea-salt spray. Mermaid hair is just a click away, or you could always DIY your own!


4. Control Maniac ($10): This hair wax is for the type-A fashionistas out there. Style your new pixie cut with a rockin’ mohawk this summer.


5. Coconut Creme Cowash ($8): Your strands will be stripped enough with all the fun summer activities in the next few months; give it one less stressor by skipping the ‘poo! This coconut cowash doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals and it smells like a piña colada. #winner


6. Humidity Shield ($12): If humidity is your hair’s mortal enemy, try this humidity shield to fend off frizz for good. Its weightless, no-build-up formula is perfect for all of life’s damp moments.


7. Leave-in Conditioner ($8): After spending the day in the pool, lather on this weightless leave-in conditioner for shiny, healthy locks.

Hair Tools


8. Bamboo Paddle Brush ($25): This heating oil paddle brush works double time to smooth and add shine, all while it detangles without damaging fragile summer strands.


9. DevaCurl ($45): This cute little alien of a diffuser fits onto most hair dryers and helps you embrace your hair’s natural curly or wavy texture, minus the frizz.

Hair Accessories


10. No Crease Hair Ties ($9): If you went through the trouble of blowdrying and styling your mane, don’t let a little schvitzing undo all your hard work. Try these super cute and functional no-crease hair ties. Remove as soon as you reach the AC!


11. DIY Paper Flower Crown: For all your music festival and Instagram needs this summer, we’ve got you covered with this gorgeous paper cherry blossom DIY crown. (via Brit + Co)


12. DIY Turban: If you know you’ll be in and out of the water all day anyway, why not just throw on a cute turban and call it a day? Better yet, throw a DIY party so all your friends can make their own! (via Brit + Co)

Which summertime hair essentials will be topping your beauty routine this summer?