We know it and you know it: Mornings don’t even get moving until you’ve had your coffee. You’re first in line for Starbuck’s seasonal faves. And should someone mention *free* coffee, from wherever, whenever, you’re in! If this sounds like you, most mornings probably find you groggy-eyed in your PJs in your own kitchen, waiting for the elixir of life to brew already. When you’re brewing at home, fresh-ground beans can make all the difference, and bonus points if they’re organic, because pesticides — no thanks. But organic can be spendy, and that’s where we’ve got your back. We’ve scoped out the best organic coffee beans around at prices that won’t break the bank.



1. IKEA PÅTÅR Signature Coffee Beans ($4/half pound): Coffee drinking is rooted in Swedish tradition, so is it *really* a surprise that the same store bringing you fresh home furnishings on a budget is now offering organic coffee beans at value prices? Organic beans and ground selections are available in the food and bev section of your local IKEA starting October 10.



2. Costco Mayorga Café Cubano ($8/pound): If it’s news to you that Costco carries organic coffee beans, it’s time you hit them up on a Saturday during peak *sampling* time — and bring a few friends along with you. Buying in bulk and splitting the beans means you can share in the joy and the savings.

Trader Joe’s


3. Trader Joe’s Organic Fair Trade Breakfast Blend ($8/14 oz): TJs is known for tasty foods at great prices, and when it comes to organic coffee beans, they deliver too. This breakfast blend is for you if you’re the kind of java drinker who prefers a mellow cup to start your day.



4. Starbucks Organic Yukon Blend ($14/pound): Though it’s on the pricey side, some Starbucks fans love their fave coffee brand and just won’t cheat. This smooth organic blend consistently shows up a winner in taste tests. Fans describe it best as “bold but not bitter.”

Whole Foods


5. Whole Foods Allegro Coffee Organic Continental Blend ($12/12 oz): There’s a lot of experience behind these organic beans, which Whole Foods sources and roasts themselves. Though they’re pricier than other brands, Allegro brews are consistent winners in taste tests, so for some they will be well worth it.


6. Whole Foods Three Beans Coffee ($6/14 oz): If Allegro just isn’t in the budget, don’t leave WF empty handed. Three Beans Coffee to the rescue! These 100% Arabica beans brew up strong but smooth, with a distinctly chocolatey finish. Ounce per ounce, this just may be the *best* deal around when organic is a must-have.



7. Peet’s Coffee Gaia Organic Blend ($16/pound): Peet’s has been producing coffee for four decades, and followers say it’s worth every penny. Since we’d all agree there’s ZERO value in drinking *bad* coffee, one that perks up your tastebuds is worth a splurge when you have the funds.

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