Does it ever feel like Trader Joe’s has been creeping your Instagram? We mean, like TJs really just *knows* you? First, they won your heart with their amazing budget wine and Champagne selections. But it’s gone beyond just tasty drinks at budget prices now. They seem to be on top of your latest food crushes, even before you know you want them. Fresh peeled avocado, CHECK. Salted caramel, CHECK. Riced cauliflower, CHECK. The list goes on and on. Everything is in single servings, so you can take just what you need and freeze the rest. Plus, TJ’s has your back with quick-cook meals that are delicious *and* healthy. It’s like lazy girls everywhere could eat at TJs 24/7 and not miss a thing, and here’s proof.



Whether you start your day with black coffee in bed, crave a healthy brekkie of yogurt, muesli and fruit, or are an undying eggs and potatoes girl, breakfast *can* be fast and easy. TJs is known for a wide assortment of fresh coffee beans that you can have ground on the premises. No coffee maker? No time? No problema! Grab an instant coffee packet, cream and sugar included, and just add hot water and you’ve got a coffee to go.

Frozen Entrées


You can’t bring up the topic of TJs in a foodie crowd without everyone moaning over the vegetarian pad Thai. Ditto, the eggplant parm stack and the frozen paella. And the Channa Masala is to die for — have it with a warmed slice of TJs naan bread and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to India or your fave tandoori restaurant. Thin crust pizzas like the Tarte aux Champignon or Tarte d’Alsace are perfect to break out when friends pop over for an impromptu game night. A lazy girl could definitely shop just the frozen food aisle and be set with enough delicious microwave dinners for the week.



Sometimes even a lazy girl wants to cook up something special. Slices of roasted chicken and turkey meat are great to keep on hand. They can be served warm, or toss them cold into a salad. But if you’re cooking to impress guests, the Cabernet Pot Roast is the real deal. It’s been steeping in a red-wine marinade, so all you need to do is brown it in some butter or olive oil, then throw it into a pot or slow cooker. Likewise with the glorious carne asada. Or break out the curried chicken tenders, heat them up in a ready-made sauce and serve over rice. Easy peasy, yet *so* impressive.



TJs has frozen sides to suit every diet or palate, from three kinds of rice to quinoa to riced cauliflower — and they all heat up in no time. The oven roasted potatoes with peppers and onions are savory enough to rival any New York diner. Or if you’re craving something a bit more decadent, go for the mac ‘n’ cheese, gnocchi gorgonzola or creamy polenta with spinach and garlic. Steamed lentils are great to keep around for a quick and healthy meal. Heat them up in the microwave over rice or toss them cold into salads.



We could devote an entire post to TJs snacks and never hit bottom, but the most-talked about treat has to be the Speculoos Cookie Butter — a spread made of crushed sugar cookies that is delicious on bread and fruit or eaten straight from the jar with a spoon. If you’re a ginger snap aficionado, TJs version are exactly that coveted combo of brown-sugar crisp with a spicy bite. There’s an array of healthy snacks as well, from nut butters to nuts to dried fruit slices and trail mix.

There are enough delicious convenience foods at Trader Joe’s to get anyone ready and fed DELICIOUSLY from dawn to dusk, and you might never need to cook again if you don’t want to.

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