I guess we’re on a pretty serious pattern kick this month at Brit HQ, and this project is no exception. We wanted a quick and easy way to create a paper wreath in a matter of minutes, so we busted out our origami paper, picked a few complementary patterns, and got to work!

 washi origami paper
– card stock

 pennant flag punch
– bowl to trace

– tape

– pencil


1. Punch out paper.

2. Cut a circle out of your card stock. Cut out the middle as well.

3. Tape punches to circle in layers.

4. Hang!

How pretty are all of those patterns? We decided to use a flag punch to create the leaves of our wreath.

First, punch out your flags.

Keep on going — you’re almost done!

Look at all those punches. So good.

Create layered pieces by stacking three flags on top of each other, and shifting them so they make a triple-layered flag. Use tape to secure the back.

Keep doing this with all of your punches.

Trace a bowl onto your card stock to create a circle. Cut it out, then fold in half and cut out the middle.

Tape your layered flags to the ring.

Add layers on top to create more dimension.

Use washi tape to hang!

What easy holiday decorations will you make this year? Talk to us in the comments below.