Who says GIF guides are just for the holidays? To celebrate the glory of the Oscars, here are 20 GIFs from a selection of best picture nominees and winners from the last 12 years. And the award goes to…

1. Django Unchained (2012 Nominee): Oh Leo, you are a good villain.

2. Silver Linings Playbook (2012 Nominee): Katniss, is that you?

3. Les Miserables (2012 Nominee): And little people know, when little people fight, we may look like easy pickings, but we’ve got some bite!

4. Life of Pi (2012 Nominee): A hyperreal portrayal of what’s quickly become a classic traveler’s novel.

5. The Artist (2011 Winner): Is the animated GIF the new silent film? Maybe.

6. The Help (2011 Nominee): Skeeter and Hilly in a cat fight on the porch? Yes.

7. Midnight in Paris (2011 Nominee): Definitely dig Adrian Brody’s caricature of Dali in this flick.

8. True Grit (2010 Nominee): The landscapes in this movie are outrageously beautiful, dusty, and surprisingly serene.

9. Toy Story 3 (2010 Nominee): Disco Ken definitely has the moves.

10. The Social Network (2010 Nominee): Is this a scene from Facebook’s actual headquarters? ;)

11. Black Swan (2010 Nominee): And spin, and spin… and spin!

12. Up (2009 Nominee): True love.

13. Inglourious Basterds (2009 Nominee): A basterd’s work is never done.

14. Juno (2007 Nominee): Look at these two youngins!

15. Little Miss Sunshine (2006 Nominee): Man, we really need to watch this movie again. So. Much. Color.

16. Lost in Translation (2003 Nominee): It was tough to choose the best GIF from this one, but nothing beats a begrudging treadmill scene.

17. Chicago (2002): Don’t mess.

18. Lord of the Rings (2001 Nominee): Gandalf is clearly the original Flo Rida.

19. Moulin Rouge (2001): It’s a little bit funny, this feeling insiiiide…

20. Gladiator (2000): Tell us, are you not entertained?!

Bonus! More Little Miss Sunshine please! To learn how to make your own animated GIF, head here.

Happy Oscar Sunday!!