Summer time is the perfect time to work on that old scrapbook. While I love a good scrapbooking project, the tech-obsessed soul in me yearns to see all real-world things with a digital companion. My crafting inspiration, Mrs. Martha Stewart, apparently agrees. Her new app, CraftStudio, does a fantastic job at letting you create virtual scrapbook pages right from your iPad.

There are all kinds of embellishment, paper and decor options — you can even shake your iPad to sprinkle glitter! (This was obviously my favorite part. It feels so real!) I was quite surprised to see how many different themes there were, from "Everyday" to "Birthday Party." You can even purchase additional theme embellishments for $2 each. And, while it might sound crazy to think that you're paying of virtual scrapbook paper, the designs are very well done and for that, I think it could be worth it.

Not into scrapbooking? For me, this app will now double as my go-to app any time I want to send a virtual greeting card. I especially love the ability to import photos, instantly making the card more sentimental. While I wish you could actually select a double-sided card feature, there are enough tools like pens and notebook paper to scribble a cute note onto whatever single-page card you design.

Our app review rating? 4.5 out of 5 jalapenos! Well done Martha & Co. This is the best app we've seen from you to date.

If you're up for trying this one out, hurry! The app is free until July 8th, at which point it will cost you $4.99.

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