After endless #OOTD and #TBT shots (and selfies on selfies), it’s exciting to spot pops of color on your Instagram feed. We’re talking truly gorgeous, pages-of-a-magazine-worthy bursts of ROYGBIV. One feed that never fails to tickle us pink (also see: purple, golden yellow, aqua, etc.) is Bright Bazaar. This photo journal filled with color pops to infinity — and probably beyond — will put a smile on your face, which is blogger Will Taylor’s mission. From doors to landmarks, he finds inspo everywhere — take a look at some of our fave shots and get inspired to brighten up your own profile.

1. Vibrant Entries: From pink to blue frames, Will finds eye-popping doorways on the daily. When heading out your own door, keep your eyes up (you can make a Snapchat Story later) and you may just find a colorful beginning yourself.

2. Dazzling Decor: There are so many loud objects laying around your home (a bowl of lemons, that festive throw you HAD TO HAVE, a marbled vase) that are begging to be shared with your friends. Prop those pops and bring life to your feed the same way they have to your space.

3. Splashy Buildings: Your usual route may take you past bland brownstones and solemn skyscrapers, but venture a different way and you could find a real life version of Candyland in an alley’s brilliantly painted façades.

4. Lively Landscapes: Heading to the countryside or the coast for some R+R? Take in that quiet time while snapping glorious, vibrant coastlines or endless waves of golden grain ;)

5. Shimmering Skies: Sneak out of the office at lunch and glance up; we guarantee it will be more OMG-worthy than that GIF from your girl.

6. DazzlingFlorals: Your weekly bouquets may be nothing special to share, but keep an eye out for picturesque street planters and gardens to ‘gram.

7. Colorful Crafts: We love sharing DIY projects — the process and the finished product. Consider snapping and sharing your pastel projects too. They will illuminate and inspire all your friends to get out there and make.

8. Sassy Statues and Street Art: Spot a rare rainbow-glittered bear or another flashy figure? Take a snapshot and have everyone asking where you ran into it.

Bonus: Okay, fine. If your selfies are THIS colorful, they’re fair game.

Ready to incorporate more color into your Instagram feed? Let us know how in the comments below.