Perhaps you've realized that the back of your living room chair or sofa gets a little extra use as a home base for your coats. The same has been known to happen to hats and accessories. In addition to making your place awfully messy, this can make for a very wrinkled overcoat. So what's the fix? Though it may sound archaic, it's a coat rack. Keep your favorite outerwear handy and on display with these thirteen modern spins on the age-old coat rack.

1. Palm ($300): This modern take on the versatile wall-mounted coat hanger will fit your modern sensibilities. It's minimalistic design makes it a great complement to any modern interior. It even boasts a handy shelf for whatever collects in your pockets during the day.

2. Wolf Den Coat Rack ($250): Turn about 3 sq. ft. of your home into a coat-carrying wilderness with the Wolf Den Coat Rack. If you're worried that the wolves will smell your fear, there's the smaller variant that holds just one item.

3. Pipework ($240): These may wind up being the only pipes you can truly depend on in your entire home. All we know is, they would display your outerwear boldly. Note: adjusting valves and nozzles will change nothing.

4. Coat Tree Decal ($85): The only 2-dimensional coat rack that made this list! This decal accomplishes the job of holding onto your coat without taking up all that 3-D space. Just add hooks where needed. And be sure to check out how we use colorful wall decals at Brit HQ.

5. Wallter Slat Rack ($145): This versatile wall-mounted catch-all looks like some jagged fenceposts but it will organize everything from magazines to overcoats to keychains.

6. Ribbon Coat Rack ($120): No, it's not an unwound slinky. It's actually an intriguing and clever design that will hold your coat for you and impress any guests whose coats you may need to hang.

7. Brave Space Design ($195): Place this mountain range somewhere on your wall and let the peaks take care of your cold weather garb. Hang your scarves, hats, and coats on the snow caps.

8. Splash Coat Rack ($279): This upright stand is made of powder-coated steel and solid walnut and will make any peacoat or fedora look its best.

9. Desu Design Symbol Coat Rack ($435): This design is modular, minimalistic, and colorful. Flip down the hooks that come in rainbow assortment or greyscale to dock your hangables on this ubermodern coat rack.

10. Spruce ($410): Chic and modern, the Spruce clothes stand is modern and symmetrical and made of metal, not spruce. It will, nonetheless, hold whatever you need it to.

11. Chair Coat Rack (Not yet available): Maybe the chair back is actually meant for your coats. So which came first, the chair back or the coat rack? We'll be sure to let you know when this whimsical piece is available!

12. Oka Hanging Coat Rack ($270): If you can sacrifice neither floor space nor wall space, you'll have to settle for ceiling space. And in that case, this hanging coat rack is just the thing.

13. Thru Block Wooden Coat Rack ($570): Square design, round holes. This coat rack design breaks the mold. The pegs are movable and can be sorted into whatever form you'd like to accommodate your various hanging items.

These modern coat racks look as stylish adorned with your coats and accessories as they do bare. Did you have a favorite? Would it work in your home? We're partial to the @ sign coat rack that inspired this whole post! Leave a comment below to let us know what you think or weigh in on Twitter.