Nothing is better suited to the final days of summer than sipping delicious frozen cocktails with friends. To bring an island vibe to your gathering, and for the practical purpose of claiming your drink, these DIY mini palm tree drink markers work wonders. Pair this DIY, created by the team at nousDECOR, with watermelon mint margaritas or your favorite summer drink, and it’ll feel like a vacation in a glass which is perfect for the rest of those hot August days.


–  colorful construction paper

–  palm tree template

–  tiny clothespins

–  tacky glue

–  scissors

–  assorted colors of glitter


1. Print and cut out the palm tree template.

2. Trace the template onto construction paper.

3. Cut out your trees.

4. Line them in glue.

5. Add glitter.

6. Glue your palm tree top to the clothespin.

7. Place your drink marker on the side of a glass.

The template is detailed, so feel free to get as intricate with your cutting as you like.

Try to make them all the same size.

Now cut them out!

Glitter always makes DIY more fun :) We added glitter to the edges of the tree top, but you could go crazy and add it to the entire piece if you want.

Be sure to glue your trees with the claw of the clothespin facing down. Otherwise, you won’t be able to mark your drink!

Time to make your mark.


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