The Pantone Café Is the Most Instagram-Worthy Restaurant in the World
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The Pantone Café Is the Most Instagram-Worthy Restaurant in the World

Secret’s out: We’re obsessed with all things Pantone. Oh, you already knew that? Well, then… this is awkward. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s time to share some exciting + major Instagram-worthy developments from the color co that recently gave us Minion Yellow. We thought nothing could actually top that, but here we are. Drumroll, please… the latest colorful creation from Pantone is its very own cafe! Step aside, Pantone Hotel + Pantone Color of the Year, we’ve got a more important (+ tasty) colorful outlet to obsess over these days.

The Pantone Café is the newly opened pop-up restaurant on the promenade of the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco. Don’t worry — booking a trip to the French Riviera ASAP will totally be worth it, because you’ll “taste the colors” and endlessly Instagram them courtesy of the expansive menu featuring salads, sandwiches, snacks, juices and soft drinks all named after a Pantone color and number. So your daydreams of ordering up a Vibrant Orange #16-1364 juice + Tomato Red Mozza White #18-1660 sandwich while sitting on Pantone-coordinated chairs + tables and using Pantone-color napkins + plates on the French Riviera is now a reality. At least until September 9, when the vibrant pop-up closes up shop (and hopefully comes stateside). Fingers crossed, right?

And just like that, the adorably trendy cat cafe became irrelevant for all the color-lovers out there. Okay, maybe not really, but it’s definitely got stiff competition now ;)

Would you check out the PANTONE Café? How many Instagram shots would you take? Spill the beans in the comments.

(Photos via Monaco Restaurant Group)