The early aughts were a weird time for fashion, and yet many of the decade’s hottest fashion trends, like tracksuits and graphic tees for instance, are resurfacing in a major way. And who better to explain this phenomenon than Paris Hilton, the self-proclaimed originator of it all?

386797 18: Fashion model Paris Hilton attends the premiere of "Heartbreakers" March 19, 2001 in Hollywood, CA. (Photo by Vince Bucci/Newsmakers)

“I love seeing all of the looks on the runway inspired by me, the OG,” Hilton says, in a parody video for W magazine, as she descends a flight of stairs in front of a gigantic portrait of herself. “Young people now see what people wore before and want to bring it back.”

To make sure that we’re, uh, wearing the trends correctly, she walks viewers through the major ones, including tracksuits (“but always wear ones that are colorful, or else you look like you’re actually going to the gym. Ew.”), graphic tees (the best medium for “your most profound thoughts”), Uggs (a definite no), and more. She also added that skirts should always be “the size of a belt” because “Life’s short. Take risks.”

What else can we say? That’s hot.

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(h/t Refinery29; photos via Vince Bucci, Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty)