Parkland Teen Activists: Where Are They Now?

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August 14, 2018 marks a half-year since a shooter killed 17 people and injured another 17 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. In the immediate aftermath of the tragedy, a group of Stoneman Douglas students who survived the shooting launched the Never Again MSD anti-gun violence movement and organized the widely attended March for Our Lives. Their youth-led movement attracted students across the country, many of whom were brand new to activism, to plan rallies, join school walk-outs, and more acts of protest against lenient US gun legislation.

Since the weeks that followed the shooting, the Parkland student activists have remained in the spotlight, continuing to push for stricter gun control laws, taking on the NRA and the politicians who take their money, and demanding student safety. The students behind March for Our Lives even have a book coming out in October called Glimmer of Hope: How Tragedy Sparked A Movement.

Along the way, a number of the Parkland student activists have obtained national celebrity. In March, students Cameron Kasky, Emma González, David Hogg, Jaclyn Corbin, and Alex Wind were featured on a TIME magazine cover leading up to the March for Our Lives. Weeks later, the students were listed among TIME's 100 most influential people in the world and lauded in a profile written by none other than President Barack Obama.

As spring unfolded after the February 14, 2018 shooting, it seemed as though the five students were everywhere. Then summer came, bringing with it immigration controversy, wildfires, and political races. Parkland and its student activists were pushed from the forefront of the news cycle, but not forgotten.

Now, six months after the tragedy that rocked the world, here is a look back at what the five highest-profile Parkland teens were up to right after the tragedy, and what they’re doing now.

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