Often confused with turnips, parsnips don’t quite get enough cred as far as root veggies go. Their sweet, earthy flavor brings an unmistakable fall-spice-like flavor to the table, all in a white-carrot-looking package. Scroll through this collection of 16 recipes that showcase an array of sweet and savory ways to use this humble root.

1. Spiced Parsnip Birthday Cake: Cashew and coconut cream icing are spread between layers of tender, spiced sponge cake to create a healthier multi-layer cake worthy of any celebration. (via Small Acorns)

2. Roast Vegetable Salad With Goat Cheese Mousse: Roasted apples and veggies make this bacon and goat cheese-topped spinach salad substantial. (via Katie at the Kitchen Door)

3. Shepherd-less Pie (Vegan): Whether you choose a rustic or refined potato topping, these vegan casseroles are equally satisfying. Featuring a melange of root veggies and mushrooms, they make a terrific winter meal. (via Feasting at Home)

4. Nori Rolls With Parsnip Rice: We’ve known for some time that cauliflower makes a pretty mean grain-free rice swap, but parsnips offer another paleo-friendly alternative to try. Made without fish, these raw rolls are perfect for the raw-fish averse. (via Clean Raw Living)

5. Sweet Parsnip Loaf: Fans of carrot cake will enjoy this nutrient-packed twist on the usual orange-hued quick bread. (via Me and Mr. Jones)

6. Pureed Parsnip and Cardamom Soup With Caramelized Shallots: Spicy-sweet cardamom and parsnips are a perfect match in this creamy-yet-healthy winter-ready soup. (via Food52)

7. Cozy Cassoulet With Garlic Breadcrumb Topping: Sausage and tons of veggies are braised until meltingly tender, then get a crunchy garlic and Parm topping sprinkled on just before serving for a lovely boost of flavor and texture. (via Neighborfood)

8. Pot Pie Pizza: How creative is this pizza? All of the usual pot pie fillings — including gravy — are baked right on top of the crust. (via Pizza Tuesdays)

9. Parsnip Latkes (Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free): These crisp, golden brown latkes are delicious on their own, but the sweet honey roasted apples and mustard cashew cream accompanying them really take them over the top. (via Delicious Everyday)

10. Orecchiette Cacio e Pepe With Parsnips: The addition of fennel, parsnips and kale to this classic peppery pasta dish adds a welcome touch of interest without diverging too much from its roots. (via Family Style Food)

11. Root Fries With Roasted Garlic Avocado Mayo: Chili-spiked parsnips and sweet potatoes are roasted together to create these tasty French fry alternatives. The roasted garlic and avocado mayo complements them perfectly! (via Sweet Talk Blog)

12. Parsnip Biscuits With Black Pepper and Honey: Equal parts honey and butter lend these earthy, slightly sweet buttermilk biscuits an irresistible flavor. Take them in a sweet direction by enjoying them warm out of the oven with a drizzle of additional honey, or assemble them into some savory breakfast sandos. (via Food52)

13. Cheesy Parsnip Sage Beer Bread (Vegan): Nutritional yeast adds a subtle cheesy flavor to this fantastic loaf scented with fresh sage. Simply slice, toast and slather each piece with your favorite spread before serving. (via Maple Spice)

14. Spring Parsnip and Caramelized Onion Pasta: Sweet caramelized onions highlight parsnips beautifully. The light flavors of this veggie-packed pasta are perfect for spring. (via Dishing up the Dirt)

15. Parsnip Crème Brûlée: Dig into the shattering sugar crust to reveal a sweet, spiced creamy custard underneath it all. This may be even better than pumpkin pie, and it’s naturally gluten-free. (via A Sage Amalgam)

16. Parsnips + Carrot Mash: Move over mashed potatoes. There’s a new mashup edging you off of our T-Day menu. (via Brit + Co)

Do you feel prepared to pick out the parsnip in a root veggie lineup? Let’s talk all about parsnip prep tips and tricks below.