With the first warm breezes, we think about pulling out our pastel blouses and switching our wintery home decor for flowers and greenery. But why is it that when spring starts to make an appearance, we continue to overlook the one place many of us spend most of our time: our desks? Our wardrobe may match the sunshine, but our office supplies too often stay in a rainy state. It’s time to change that. Check out these 17 office supplies that will bring spring to your desk, whether you buy or DIY.

1. Frisco Magazine Holder ($18): These bright holders are sure to make any office a happy place, whether you use them on magazines or files or whatever pages that need organizing.

2. Slip-On Calculator ($28): Is working with numbers a major part of your job? Better pick up this minty calculator then.

3. DIY Planner: Not only is this planner gold striped, it’s inspired by Kate Spade. We are totally in. (via One O)

4. 125 Multidrawers ($99): Need a little color in your office space? This bright file cabinet is the answer to your office decor prayers.

5. DIY Leather File Folders: While we’re filing, why not make the inside pretty too with these leather file folders? (via Homey Oh My)

6. Parisienne Pencil Case ($24): Adding even one of these bright pencil cases to our desk drawers makes it a party every time we open it.

7. DIY Ombre Calender: You’ll enjoy getting to work every morning after flipping through these gilded date cards. We sure would. (via Homemade By Carmona)

8. Aqua Scissors ($11): Every desk should have a good pair of scissors available. And by “good” we mean “colorful.”

9. DIY Colored Staples: Sharpies are definitely our BFF, and DIY projects like this are the reason why. (via Clover and Dot)

10. Catch-All Tray ($18): Life is easier when you have your keys and sunglasses and favorite lip balm within reach at all times. Keep everything corralled on your desk in this cute, dotty tray.

11. Air Plant Cube Planter ($27): Bring a bit of green like this to the office and you won’t have to worry about watering on weekends.

12. DIY Stamped Clay Desk Accessories: Doesn’t it just make you smile when all your desk accessories match? That’s why we love projects like this. (via Brit + Co)

13. Kate Spade Gold Dots File Folders ($15): We’ve got three words for you: Gold. Polka. Dots.

14. Eclectic Mini Notebook ($15): What are spring office supplies without something flowery and pink? We’ll take all three please.

15. Lucite Stapler ($32): We 100% approve of this beautiful stapler. Plus it’s the perfect thing to house your DIY colored staples.

16. Neon Sticky Note Set ($25): Where would we be without our sticky notes? Thanks, Kate Spade.

17. Multicolor Pen Set ($20): We would write all day long with these patterned pens.

Do you have any spring office supplies that we missed? Share them below!