Coffee tables, bookshelves and entertainment centers, oh my. The living room is chock-full of all kinds of surfaces just begging to be styled beautifully. And we’re here to talk about the most forgotten piece of them all: the side table. No longer just a place for cups and remotes, this piece of furniture is making a comeback. So, homemakers, get ready to fill up your side tables and make them just as pretty as your coffee table and couch. Check out these 15 tips for smashing side tables and then get to styling yours.

table layers

1. Add Layers: The first thing to consider when decorating any space is your layering. Side tables will look fuller if you add a tall layer and a short layer. (via The Everygirl)

statement lamp

2. Statement Lamp: Because lighting is an important part of every room, don’t hesitate to go for a big statement lamp on your side table. It will function as light and art. (via Style Me Pretty)

use flowers

3. Beautiful Blooms: Flowers are an excellent way to bring the feeling of home to any side table. They provide color, scent and a seasonal change. (via Apartment Therapy)

large pieces

4. Large Pieces: Go big when you’re looking for side table trinkets. Large pieces, like the coral above, take up space and give your surface some interesting texture. (via Oh My Dear)

add metallic

5. Metallic Touch: Gold, silver, copper… it doesn’t matter which tone you’re going for in your living room as long as you add some to your tables. Pair it with a mirror tabletop for a real eye-catcher. (via The Glitter Guide)


6. Houseplants: Green is good for the air and easy on the eye. Add a houseplant like this one to your table for a refreshing change. (via Emily Henderson)

charging station

7. Charging Station: Since your phones and iPads are probably sitting on your side table anyway, give them a dedicated and pretty resting place to charge up. (via Centsational Girl)

light candles

8. Candles: They smell great, they’re colorful and they come in more scents than you can count. So why wouldn’t you add some to every surface in your living room? (via The Glitter Guide)

family pictures

9. Family Pictures: You don’t have to leave all your pictures up on the walls. Put a family photo or even a printable in a pretty frame to display right beside the couch. (via Domaine)

remote space

10. Remote Storage: We all have ’em, those unsightly remotes. Instead of losing them in the couch, give them a dedicated space on your side table — be it in a drawer or a pretty box. (via A Beautiful Mess)

color pop

11. Color Pop: We guarantee that if you put a nice pop of contrasting color on your side table you’ll get more compliments on your styling skills than you think. (via BDG Style)

books and mags

12. The Stacks: Whether you’re a book lover or devourer of magazines, show off what you’re reading on your side table. It’ll make for a great conversation starter. (via A House In The Hills)

empty bottles

13. Empty Bottles: Bottles are good for so many things, from holding flowers to DIY diffusers. Keep an empty one (or two) on your side table for easy access. (via Going Home To Roost)

side table tray

14. Tray It: If you’re a constant hostess, put all your table stylings on a tray for easy removal when you have lots of guests at your next cocktail party. (via The Glitter Guide)

table cart double

15. Doubled: Thinking you’re too pressed for space already to accommodate a side table? Make it double as your bar cart. Genius. (via HGTV)

What are your side table tips and tricks? Tell us below!