Have you been looking for that perfect piece to bring your whole living room together? Just look at your feet. With an edge under the couch and a corner under the chair and a coffee table on top, rugs are the simplest way to complete almost any room. In her new book Homemakers (which you should pre-order asap!), Brit Morin shows us a few essential decor how-tos for all the rooms in your house, including your living room. Today, we’re starting with the floor. From colorful stripes to bold patterns to neon geo prints, these rugs know how to bring the party. Go ahead and take a look at 13 of our favorite statement rugs and get inspired.

1. Painted Stripes Rug ($59-$99): Those bright stripes are perfect for Instagramming all your new shoes. We’ll be trolling your feeds for it.

2. PS Rug ($80): Basically, you can’t go wrong when you go geo. That’s why this rug is so awesome.

3. Tropez Rug ($89 – $1,249): It’s like the jungle leaves got together with the ocean colors and had a baby. We likey.

4. Chevron Flip Rug ($89): When we go chevron, we go for the most colorful one we can possibly find. Ain’t it great?

5. Queen Anne’s Lace Throw Rug ($28-$79): With this rug on your floor, it will be August all year long.

6. Lotus Rug ($329): Remember what we said about geo? Here’s a rug that mixes geo and floral into one stunning pattern.

7. Merced Hook Rug ($160): Yes, it’s similar to that IKEA classic, but it’s just different enough to give your living room its own unique voice.

8. Fringed Cusco Rug ($798-$1,898): This rug has some serious Incan color-block vibes going on and we absolutely love it.

9. Jernved Rug ($129): Such a soft, brightly colored rug is the perfect thing for little knees to practice crawling.

10. Coral Rug ($150-$814): Everybody knows that it’s better down where it’s wetter, so putting a piece of the sea in your living room is definitely a good idea.

11. Confetti Flora Rug ($78 – $1298): We wouldn’t mind putting those flowers in every room of the house.

12. Jute Rug ($249 – $499): With those Swedish crosses being so in and everything, we wouldn’t blame you if you put them on your floor as well as your couch.

13. Sillerup Rug ($119): These triangles promise to bring a modern feel to your living room. Pair them with a brightly colored couch and you’ll have a #winning decor scheme.

Do you have a statement rug in your living room? Send us your links below!