Ah, the great outdoors. There’s nothing finer than sprucing up your patio and throwing a good, old-fashioned outdoor shindig. That’s why we’ve looked high and low to round up some of the best decor, meant to be enjoyed alfresco. Grab your credit card or get inspired to DIY — these 20 patio pieces are all must-haves!

1. Navajo Textiles: We can’t get enough of these amazing Native American-inspired prints! And we’re crazy about them next to this stump side table. (via Style by Emily Henderson)

2. Acapulco Chairs ($302): Rumor has it that these chairs were originally designed by a French tourist in Mexico who was inspired by traditional Mayan hammocks. True or false, we’re saying oui and to these amazing chairs.

3. Table With Built-In Cooler: Built. In. Cooler. Yes, you read that correctly. Because it’s always better to keep a cold one within arm’s reach. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

4. Sambito Cotton Hammock ($238): The tassels on this hammock make us giggle with glee. We can’t wait for nap time. (via Gardenista)

5. Colorful Patio Chairs ($81): These adorable chairs will look perfect next to any patio table.

6. Hot Tub With Bar Counter: Because hot tubs + cocktails = meant to be. (via Paulla Francis Designs)

7. Shaded Love Seat: We’re digging this outdoor love seat, and it doesn’t seem too difficult to DIY. Add it to the Pinboard ;) (via Fab Furnish)

8. Weber One-Touch Kettle Series ($149): Weber grills are total classics, and any patio isn’t the same without one. We can’t resist this sleek copper version, which is much more stylish than basic black. Check out more grills here!

9. Huron Deck Chair ($276): This stunning North American White Oak frame was hand finished in Vancouver. And chevron! Oh, chevron!

10. Tropical Cushions: We love these palm leaf pillows more than words can say! (via Antipodean Diaries)

11. Globe String Lights ($19): A must-have for any patio setting, these little orbs make everything illuminated. (image via Brick and Mortar)

12. DIY Outdoor Bench: This adorable bench is as easy to make as 1-2-3. All you need are cinder blocks, paint, wood beams and your cushions of choice! (via Curbly)

13. Tropical Cabana: For those who see the big picture, everything about this patio is fab. From the chic fire pit to the orange lantern set and incredible pillows. (via Popsugar)

14. Wood Pallet Wall + Table Setting: We absolutely love these Scandanavian-style chairs paired with succulents and rustic wood. (via Wood Pallet DIY)

15. Colorful Patio Tiles: Spruce up your patio tiles without buying expensive brand-new ones. It just takes a little paint and an afternoon and you’ll be sitting pretty. (via A Beautiful Mess)

16. Copper Fire Pit ($239): No time to build your own pit? Buy the portable kind! This copper version is incredibly aesthetically pleasing.

17. Hanging Pallet Bed: Patios aren’t just for barbecues. If you’re lucky enough to have a tree nearby, consider building this oh-so cute bed and sleeping outside all summer long. (via Vitamin-Ha)

18. Wheel Barrel Cooler ($80): Who knew wheel barrels weren’t just for gardening? Pick a new or vintage one and fill ‘er up at your next party. (via Wedding Bee)

19. A-Frame Mini Tent: Is this the cutest thing you’ve ever seen or what? Whether a backyard addition or a tent to eat under on your patio, this a-frame gets an A+! (via Soul Studio)

20. Beautiful Centerpieces: We smell a DIY wedding hack! This centerpiece couldn’t be easier. Just start saving those root beer bottles, and pick your plants of choice. (via JClaire)

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