Technology has been really bringing it lately when it comes to innovations that help people with disabilities. A couple of weeks ago we found out about an app that connects blind people with the sighted through video chat, and this week, there鈥檚 Pedius . It鈥檚 an app that lets the deaf have conversations with people over the phone with a real-time text-to-speech conversion.


To use the app, a hearing impaired person can just type or speak their message into the phone and send it to their recipient鈥檚 phone number. Using voice recognition software, the words that the recipient says on the other end of the call are typed out in text form for the deaf person to read. No mediator or operator 鈥 just awesome technology and a private conversation.


Like any physical impairment, loss of hearing brings on a whole slew of unforeseen problems when doing the most simple tasks, like calling your mom or ordering a pizza. Not to mention dealing with emergencies . With over 70 million people in the world being hearing impaired, this is a service that鈥檚 totally overdue.

The app is free to download and doesn鈥檛 require any extra hardware to use. It鈥檚 free to use for up to 20 minutes each month, with packages available for purchase beyond that. You can download it now for iOS or Android .

What other tech have you found that鈥檚 changing lives? We鈥檇 love to hear about it in the comments!

(h/t Daily Mail )