New takes on classic treats truly know no bounds. We’re still adjusting to the idea of Boo-terscotch M&M’s (they taste like Butterbeer!), not to mention Black Garlic Doritos, Brunch-Flavored Candy Corn and, of course, Candy Corn Oreos. But now, things may have just gone too far… or perhaps just far enough, as buzz has been confirmed that Peeps Oreos are on the way.

Peeps Oreos

No doubt, Peeps hold a near and dear place in many people’s hearts (and tummies) when it comes to traditional yearly treats, so it’s no wonder that Oreos has targeted the taste for one of their new flavors. But, will it work? Can this possibly be good or will they be just too sweet to handle?

Eric Huang (AKA @junkfoodguy) says a source has confirmed that Peeps Oreos will be here in March of 2017, just in time for Easter, natch. After a possible peek at the treats, it looks like they’ll feature vanilla cookies with peep-flavored cream inside.

Only time will tell if these are our new faves or something that never should have existed in the first place.

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(Photo via Oreos)