There are some style woes that both men and women experience. One chief complaint among all genders is that blasted shirt that just won’t stay tucked in. Thankfully, there’s now a solution other than pushing your shirt down your pants all day. Magnetuck is an almost unbelievably simple answer to the daily problem.


Founder Phil Bunting loathed what he calls PSS (Puffy Shirt Syndrome) when he entered the workforce, and he just couldn’t stop thinking about ways to keep his shirt tucked into his pants.

For $30, the solution comes in the form of two magnets (delivered in cheeky “Go Tuck Yourself” packaging). One is put under the shirt at the natural hip, and one is attached to the first magnet over the shirt. Bunting recommends starting with clothing that fits properly, but assures that the shirt will stay in place all day long. Wearing a belt helps keep the barely detectable magnets in place, meaning our focus can be returned to TPS reports and such.


A big fan of the product? Shaquille O’Neal swears by it. Grab one for the men in your life ASAP. Father’s Day is coming up soon. Or think about snagging one for your bad business-casual self.

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