In this increasingly eco-conscious world, some things have gone the way of the dinosaur, like incandescent light bulbs and running the air conditioner with the windows open. But for those of us who just can’t seem to keep a comfortable temperature, a team of Russian masterminds have come up with an environmentally friendly way to find — and keep — our chill.

A St. Petersburg-based brand called Evapolar launched a successful Kickstarter campaign this fall to take its line of personal air conditioners into production. Thanks to their efforts, pretty soon hot yoga won’t have to be quite so stinky, and couples who prefer different temperatures at night can quit tossing and turning. That office vote to keep the central air a bit too toasty for your personal taste can now be individually overruled without rocking the boat. And it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, either; Kickstarter donors were able to reserve their own ultramodern personal A/C for $149 plus shipping.

The key, the Evapolar team says, is its use of evaporative cooling processes. While most air conditioners running on water evaporation are large and heavy, the team made some tweaks using evaporative nanomaterial to keep their product portable, powerful and small enough to fit neatly on a desktop. As a result, you’ll soon be able to create your own microclimate and stay comfortable wherever you go — ostensibly without harming the planet in the process. Pretty cool indeed.

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(Photos via Evapolar/Kickstarter)