22 Ways to Make a Headboard Out of Almost Anything
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22 Ways to Make a Headboard Out of Almost Anything

Life is expensive, and so is furniture. That’s why getting creative about less-important pieces is essential. Case in point? The almighty headboard. From garage sale goods to hardware store finds, the DIY possibilities really are endless. Check out the inspiration below for some budget-friendly DIYs that are big on savings and even bigger on style.

1. Pegboard: This bad boy works in the office, kitchen, craft room and now, the bedroom! The gold and pink geometric-inspired design here would look great above any bed. Feel free to mix it up with color schemes and patterns here. (via Design My Heart Out)

2. Oversized Painting: Gallery walls are *so* 2014. Find an oversized painting or canvas to hang behind your bed instead. You’ll wake up inspired every day with a piece like this one. (via Domino)

3. Plywood: Sometimes all you need is a bit of plywood to really add depth and minimalist style to a space. Keep it plain or paint on a fun pattern to make things a bit more colorful and interesting. (via Red Online)

4. Rug: If you have a unique rug that you can’t seem to tie in with your space, hang it above your bed for a textural stunner you won’t be able to stop touching. For those super ambitious DIYers, try our pom pom one. (via Old and Brand New Blog)

5. Long Table: Use a long table behind the bed for better storage and a more eclectic-boho look. The plants behind this bed also add a nice natural element to the space. (via Urban Outfitters)

6. Tapestry: Have tapestry, will cover. While a bright and beautiful tapestry could look good just about anywhere, we think hanging one above the bed is a just what the decor doctor ordered. (via Good Housekeeping)

7. Wood-Carved Art: If you live near a home goods store or vintage shop that sells wall hangings, keep an eye out for ornate wood or metal carvings, many of which run well under $100. Place it strategically behind the bed for a headboard that will surpass anything you can find at a store. (via Style Me Pretty)

8. Wall: For those of you that have small wall behind the bed, try covering the entire thing in a fun fabric. We are loving the bright + tropical palm print in this resort-esque space. (via Homedit)

9. Books: This clever use of old books gives new meaning to the term “bedtime story” and frees up plenty of shelf space too. (via Design Every Day)

10. Rope Design: For an abstract look, use different colors of rope to create a custom design. You could make this with wood panels from the hardware store or just attach string to the wall for a more modern art vibe. (via Homes)

11. Foam Tiles: Believe it or not, this bright and sunny headboard is made with styrofoam ceiling tiles. The foam tiles, which costs $1 to $5 apiece, are easy to paint and attach to the wall. (via Sometimes on a Tuesday)

12. Screens: Oh screen headboards, how we love you so. With no hardware required, this headboard is easily moveable or changeable with each season. You could use paint, fabric, decoupage or whatever other embellishment technique you can think of to make it look amazing. (via Primitive + Proper)

13. Wood + Chalkboard Paint: Nobody says you can’t make your own headboard with wood and paint. If you want the added fun of leaving messages for your S.O. (or even yourself), consider sealing it and coating it with chalkboard paint. Tada! Instant message board. (via HGTV)

14. Paint: When in doubt, fake ’em out. Especially perfect for those of us who like to change our color scheme around from time to time, a big rectangle of paint on the wall is a versatile, fun and super cheap way to fake it AND make it. (via Alexandra Angle)

15. Plywood + Macrame: Plywood, copper and macrame FTW. You could DIY your own macrame or buy one and just get the other supplies from your local hardware store. Easy peasy, headboard chic-y. (via Vintage Revivals)

16. Fireplace Mantel: Architectural salvage can make for some phenomenal reuse projects. Case in point: This fireplace-mantel-turned-headboard. Pretty cool indeed. (via HGTV)

17. Cedar Shingles: The most amazing thing about this modern farmhouse headboard is that it cost only eight bucks to make. Just goes to show that a little imagination goes a long way! (via East Coast Creative)

18. Windows: To put it simply, there might no cooler (or easier) creative reuse project than using vintage windows in place of a headboard. Keep ’em plain for a more rustic-chic vibe, or go all-out colorful with some bright colors. (via Liz Marie Blog)

19. Metal Sheeting: This German hotel jigsawed together a combination of copper and drapes behind its cozy bed. A quick trip to the hardware store will get you much less expensive metal sheeting and create an industrial-chic look on the cheap. (via Bikini Berlin)

20. Chalk: Just like Joseph Gordon Levitt’s character in 500 Days of Summer, you can create your own perfect headboard and wow guests with your creative prowess. All you’ll need is some chalk and chalkboard paint. Awfully dreamy, isn’t it? (via Two Fly Chicks)

21. Decals: Have an apartment where you’re not allowed to paint or leave holes in the wall? No worries! Just stick a few decals on the wall and you’ve got yourself a conversation-worthy headboard without breaking any rules. (via Good Housekeeping)

22. Cafe Lights: There’s no limit to what a few strands of cafe lights can do to a space. Just look at this cool scenario; it’s the perfect setup for sweet dreams, and it barely cost a thing to put together. (via Urban Outfitters)

Which of these DIY projects is your favorite? Spill in the comment section below!