As summer has essentially come to a close, you鈥檙e no doubt gonna want to relive聽those sunny聽vacay moments and backyard BBQ photoshoot sessions with a weekly #TBT upload. Obviously you鈥檙e gonna share those shots so your friends and family will see 鈥檈m and like 鈥檈m. But you鈥檝e got to make sure what you鈥檙e sharing is quality content 鈥 you do聽want likes, right?

What if the science-based Instagram tactics聽we recently uncovered聽weren鈥檛 enough to result in a spike in your like count? Luckily Wimdu, a smart hotel alternative, compiled eight photo editing tricks to help you improve your snaps to keep the double tapping action strong all year long, allowing your budding social media empire to flourish even more.

photo editing tips

The helpful infographic below highlights eight ways in which your photos can be improved upon. From photo editing apps and desktop tool suggestions that are suitable alternatives to a Photoshop investment to tips on how to give聽your photos an edge on the visual competition (i.e.聽cropping for composition, following the rule of thirds and not cropping at joints), these photography practices are sure to transform your Instagram account from basic to baller.

Looking for more suggestions? The visual aide also shares ways to properly bring colors to your snaps by adjusting saturation, vibrance and color temperature, how to properly fix聽the lighting of shots by fine-tuning聽the levels, highlights and shadows and even recommendations for adding聽effects like a vignette or a filter to give your images more of a memorable feel.

Check out the full infographic below, then get busy improving all your DSLR and/or smartphone photography STAT. Your sure-to-be-ever-improving social media clout will eventually thank you ;)

photo editing tips infographic

What photo editing tip do you think is the most useful? Let us know in the comments.

(Infographic via Wimdu)