Welcome to another episode of Pies + DIYs! I鈥檓 sure you can guess what this series is all about 鈥 doing DIYs while eating pie :) You can tune in every Wednesday to pick what DIY project I (Kelly) will make LIVE! I only have three tools and six materials to work with to create the DIY of your choice. Hope to see you all there!

This week we got ready for school with a no-sew makeup pouch. Listen, there are lots of ways to make a makeup pouch but I decided to try a new style that I鈥檝e never explored before :) This is a makeup pouch that closes with a drawstring but can also lay flat so you can see all your goodies. Start by cutting a large circle out of your favorite fabric. Use Fabric-Tac to create a hem around the circumference of the circle. Thread in your drawstring through the hem and cinch together to create a pouch. This DIY is super simple and a great carry-all for any type of goodies.

Thanks for watching and we鈥檒l see you next week!

XO Kelly