Since word made the rounds that Kylie Jenner always wanted a pixie — leading People StyleWatch to hilariously photoshop her mom’s hair on her — it’s had us all scratching our own heads. Would a pixie be right for us? The pixie — the name sounds deceptively cute and diminutive, but it’s a style that’s been worn by some of the most fashion-forward women in history. At the very time when all other women are coveting longer locks, the few, the bold, the daring — from British supermodel Twiggy and actress Mia Farrow to more recently Halle Berry, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lawrence and Miley Cyrus — do the opposite and chop theirs off. Here are 16 super short pixies that will make you yearn to bare your nape to the clippers.

You have to be pretty fearless to pull off a pixie, as the short fringe draws attention to every one of your features. The cut accentuates eyes, ears, cheekbones, lips and the nape of the neck. It looks brave because it is brave. You’re putting all facial features forward; there’s nowhere to hide.

If a pixie is just a tad too short for you, but you want a fresh cut for spring, consider the short bob or lob (long bob). A bob looks good on almost all face shapes, and depending on how it’s cut can soften or highlight certain features. A soft, face-framing fringe and graduated layers can balance out very prominent features or hide others, such as ears. A side part can soften a heavy jaw. Or the stylist can cut to accentuate other features, such as beautiful eyes or a delicate neck. A bob can be a strikingly dramatic cut, when artfully executed. Here are 73 bobs and lobs that will help you know if the look is for you.

Over at A Clover + A Bee, Erin sports a super sharp pixie with pretty fringe that accentuates her eyes.

(Photo via A Clover + A Bee)