The temperature is rising and so are our high ponytails. As much as we love styling long locks, hair + humidity = a hot, sweaty mess. This year, we’re seriously contemplating joining ranks with Tyra, Lena and Lily and getting that hair off our necks (semi) permanently with a super short haircut. While at first it may seem like less hair means fewer style options, check out these 16 ways you can keep your short style looking fresh.

Shaved Bleached Hair

1. Buzzed + Bleached: If you really want to chop it all off, go big or go home. Or go short, in this case. (via FashionJunk)

Curled Pixie Cut

2. Curled Pixie Cut: As long as you’ve got a little bit of length on top, you can still work a curling iron to add texture to your pixie. (via Refinery29)

Short Pink Hair

3. Short + Pink: Ready to jump on the pastel trend? Amp it up with plenty of product to embrace your new cotton-candy look. (via Jeffrey Chan Photography)

Naturally Curly

4. Naturally Curly: Going short does not mean abandoning your natural hair! Next time, ask your stylist for a tapered TWA (teeny weeny afro) and follow along with this tutorial for a wash-and-go routine. (via @shinestruck)

Girlboss Pixie Cut

5. Girl Boss Pixie Cut: You’ve got a business to run, and a sharp pixie cut will help keep your morning routine to a minimum. (via Faces by the Sartorialist)

Undercut Short Hair

6. Undercut: Forget all those bad associations you have with combovers — they’re an awesome way to show off your sick undercut. (via F*ck Yeah Short Haired Women)

Long Bangs Short Hair

7. Long Bangs: Keep some length in the front to create edgy bangs that will suit your rocker-chick vibe. (via @micahgianneli)

Headband Pixie Cut

8. Accessorized: Accessories aren’t just for long locks. Top your super short ‘do with a headband, add some sparkly bobby pins behind your ears or tie a fancy knot into a bandana. (via A Clover + A Bee)

Pompadour Pixie

9. Pompadour Pixie: It may be tempting to hide away indoors with dirty tresses, but it’s actually ideal for adding volume and staying power to your hair. Once you create this cool, swoopy style, you’ll be all set for a girls’ night out. (via Whippy Cake)

Mop Top

10. Mop Top: Shake it up baby now, twist and shout! We adore this updated Beatles-esque mop top, which is significantly chicer than the bowl cuts our parents favored ;) (via Faces by the Sartorialist)

Blonde Pixie Cut

11. Blonde Pixie Cut: Blondes definitely have more fun when they rock trendy undercuts and bangs a la Pink. (via Anh Co Tran)

Crimson Undercut

12. Crimson Undercut: If choppy and messy is your #IWokeUpLikeThis look of choice, polish it with an edgy dye job like this one. (You’ll also pretty much instantly become an honorary member of Taylor’s Bad Blood gang.) (via @joeltorresstyle)

Ginger Pixie Cut

13. Ginger Pixie Cut: If red is already the color you rock naturally, put it on display with a cropped ‘do. Bonus points if you keep your natural waves too. (via Faces by the Sartorialist)

Pin Curls Pixie

14. Pin Curls: Work with your natural curls to add some vintage flair to your short hair. It’s also quite easy to do on straight hair. (via @thecutlife)

Short Sleek Hair

15. Short + Sleek: When your hair grows out to that length somewhere between a pixie and a bob, slick it back behind your ears for a minimalist French-girl style. (via Inventory Magazine)

Audrey Inspired Hair

16. Audrey-Inspired: Channel Our Lady of Short Hair, Ms. Hepburn, with these side-swept gelled bangs. And be sure to check out our Audrey-inspired makeup tutorial to complete the look. (via Lost in a Spotless Mind)

How do you like to style your short hair? Tell us your favorite looks in the comments!