Ever wonder what it’s like being in the same family as a legend? We could wait a few years and ask Blue Ivy for the exclusive first interview OR we can check out the second coming of designer low energy lighting with the Plumen 002. Yup, this is the bulb you want to see pop up over your head with a little “ding” next time you have a bright idea.

Being touted as your everyday light bulb completely re-imagined, Plumen 002 comes from the same London-based company that created the world’s first designer low energy bulb: the Plumen 001. Their original go offered an eco-friendlier alternative to lighting in a design that MoMA and The Smithsonian were big fans of. We are big fans of the fact that the 002 requires less than 25 percent of the energy required to power the 30W incandescent bulbs it’s setting out to replace.

So now you know the Plumen 002 will help you save on your energy bill and your consumption, but let’s take a second to talk about how pretty it is, shall we? While the 001 was a filament fill-in for 60W incandescent bulbs, the 002 is meant to set the mood with a more mellow glow for rooms you want to bathe in a warmer, softer light. Think: bedroom, dining room, near the couch that you do your most cuddling on — you get the picture.

The Plumen 002 is currently on Kickstarter and has almost doubled its original goal with plans to start shipping to backers as soon as this summer. A $30 pledge gets you one of the first models off the production line, but we would be tempted to pitch in $60 for a Plumen 002 plus pendant. In colors like red, blue, grey and black (copper is an extra $10) you can incorporate a hanging light fixture anywhere in your home that is in need of making a statement — something along the lines of: “Hello, people, I’m stylish and environmentally aware!”

What bulbs do you buy? Have you made the switch to energy-efficient lighting in your home? What do you think of the Plumen 002? Light up the comments below ;)