Let’s be real for a second. We adore Polaroids here at Brit + Co (so much DIY potential!) but lugging around that bulky camera can be a pain. We’re not even sure they make film for those things anymore. It would probably explain the new crop of Polaroid-esque apps for your phone, which we have downloaded… but know are never as good as the real thing. That’s why we’re so pumped to discover the Polaroid Cube, Polaroid’s answer to a GoPro camera.

The 35mm camera is water resistant, shockproof, and ready to go on any adventure. It’s equipped with a 124 degree wide-angle lens, a built-in battery that records up to 90 minutes of video and 1080p HD video capacity.

Plus it’s got a magnetic bottom and comes with accessories to attach to a helmet, bike, or any metal surface. And it even comes with an adorable monkey stand (you know you were wondering).

Best of all, it stores pictures on an SD card, which means no messing with film. Just upload your photos with an SD adapter and you’re good to post those babies to Facebook and Instagram.

The possibilities are endless with this thing. It’s so tiny and portable you can bring it literally anywhere. Sneak it into your tote for your next beach vacation with the ladies and take some of those stylish underwater shots you’ve been seeing on your friend’s profile for months.

Capture some candids at happy hour, or snap some shots of a fabulous meal. Shoot, you could even just do a good old-fashioned photo shoot in the park with your dog (we won’t tell). We just know you’ll be glad to have the stylish, old school photos in your archives.

The camera itself starts at $100 on Photojojo, with accessories costing between $10 and $40. We’re already planning out the projects we’ll use this for: postcards, shirts, and coasters are definitely on our radar.

What sweet DIY projects would you use this adorable camera for? Let us know your most inspired ideas in the comments below.