In the words of George Takei, OH MY! Everybody open your wallets, because this Kickstarter campaign is awesome. Two UK-based designers have come together to create Poligon, a line of foldable metal sculpture kits that allow people to build small animals right at home. “The most personal connection you can have with an object is to be the one who created it,” says co-founder Rodrigo Solorzano. He and his counterpart Matthew White have developed Poligon to bring that process to people. It’s almost like a paint by numbers kit for sculpture, except the finished product looks about 4318704 times more amazing.

Poligon is designed with magnetic assembly, so you can put the elements together by using your two hands, without any tools. They use a precise photo etching process to create the designs from each sheet of metal. As futuristic as it sounds (it’s how you build circuit boards, too), it’s actually an old technique that was used to decorate suits of armor in 15th century Europe.

Eventually, we hope that we’ll be able to create a little metal menagerie at Brit + Co HQ, but the penguin, gorilla and humpback whale will be the first animals to be released if the duo meets their fundraising goal by October 24, 2014. They’ve also created a line of affordable insects especially for Kickstarter — and they are so cute/creepy.

What are you going to build first? Let us know in the comments!