Shoelaces. When are those things ever going to evolve? How about right now? The new Powerlace shoes (currently funding on Kickstarter) actually lace themselves. A new hands-free technology means that the moment you slip your foot in, the shoelaces tighten up — and that’s it. The energy to do the lacing actually comes from the weight of your body. Crazy, right? You can adjust them using the tongue of the shoe, and when you want to take them off, you simply step on a small lever on the back of each shoe to release the lacing mechanism.

The world’s first auto-lacing shoe, made by Quebec-based designers at Powerteam, has a pretty sporty look… and there are quite a few backflips in their super dramatic Kickstarter video. But what we want to focus on is how important this technology could truly be in certain applications, especially for people with special needs and the elderly. They might do well to set up a complementary shoe line, because our grandparents would go nuts for something like this. It would be a game-changer for people who really do struggle to lace up.

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