Sure, you know who your besties and sworn enemies are. But what about those peeps who blur the lines? How do you distinguish between a frenemy, a bad influence or a potential great friend? You could trust your gut and let things play out. Or you could use this insane new app called Pplkpr, which helps you track, analyze and manage your relationships.


Free on iOS, Pplkpr uses a smart wearable to monitor your physical and emotional response to the people in your life. When Pplkpr notices that you’re hanging out with other people, it will ask you to make a report. After you fill out the details, Pplkpr aggregates your data with other people you hang out with, looking for trends. The app can tell you who affects you the most — both positively and negatively — then acts on your behalf, letting you send out invitations to hang out with the keepers or block negative people.

Pplkpr was designed by Lauren McCarthy and Kyle McDonald, who wanted to explore the implications of human relationships on the way we lived. By developing algorithms to understand our interpersonal relationships, the two decided to put the data to use and help people continue or abandon certain relationships.


With less and less free time on our hands and the implications a positive relationship can have on overall well being, health and happiness, we can’t think of a reason NOT to use this device.


What do you think of this new data? Would you use Pplkpr to understand your relationships with others? Tell us below!