Let’s take a second to think about that one Facebook friend who just had a baby. Everybody has one, right? Now let’s think how many photos you’ve seen of the little tot pop up on your feed since they were born. We’re guessing the number is probably a little more than you’d prefer. But can you blame the new parents? They’re tiny and cute and theirs. Well, it looks as though Kate Middleton is just like the rest of us, unable to keep the cuteness of her offspring hidden from the world.

The 33-year-old Duchess of Cambridge first made her expert photography skills known back in June when she shared those heart melting photos of Prince George and his new sister. Now she’s back showing off her not-so-hidden talent with two new pictures of Princess Charlotte, and OH MY GOD is she cute or what?!

The 6-month-old is spotted chilling in a gingham chair in Anmer Hall, one of the Royal family’s residence in Norfolk, England – about 100 miles north of Kensington Palace. The little Princess is already looking like spitting image of both her brother and her dad (I mean, just look at those eyes!). Kate, if you’re listening the photo updates are very appreciated, please keep ’em coming!

What’s your favorite photo you’ve ever taken of your baby? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photos via Kate Middleton/Getty)