Mother’s Day is coming up fast, and while you might have your gift for your mom wrapped and ready to go, finding a gift for your BFF who is sporting a baby bump might be a little trickier. While her baby is being showered with gifts, we think all those brand new mamas deserve some of the pampering action too. Scroll on for 12 gifts that will make your bestie feel like the world’s best mom.


1. Photography E-Class ($20): With a new baby on the way, we bet your BFF is gonna want to document every second. Help her create magazine-quality pics with an easy and short e-class that she can take anywhere.


2. Pure Soy Candle ($20): Many new moms go a little natural-nuts when their new baby arrives. Put her mind at ease with a lovely smelling pure soy candle.

diaper tote

3. Diaper Tote ($52): Your friend might have a baby on her hip, but that doesn’t mean she’s lost her sense of style. Get her a bright tote that can also serve as a diaper bag, and she’ll take it all around town.


4. Activité Pop Wearable ($150): Thanks to her new babe, we bet your BFF will be a little too preoccupied to track her health stats like she used to. Splurge on a gorgeously designed wearable that’ll do all the work for her, without any need to input data into an app. While you’re at it, you should probably pick one up for yourself too!


5. Mom’s Five-Second Memory Journal ($6): Encourage your BFF to jot down her thoughts and memories in this journal. There’s no order, so she won’t feel guilty for skipping on those days when she’s barely able to sneak in a nap.

6. Spa Set ($27): You’ll get brownie points if you offer to babysit while she treats herself to a nice, long bath with this spa set.


7. House Cleaning: Everyone knows moms have no time to vacuum between feedings. Lend her a helping hand for Mother’s Day, and schedule a house cleaning service so she can rest easy while someone else sprays and scrubs.


8. Chocolate Treat ($15): When you’ve got a new baby at home, even the most basic tasks can feel enormous, but snacking shouldn’t be one of them. All she has to do is dip one of these popsicles in a cup of steaming milk, and she’ll be rewarded with tasty hot chocolate.

wine stopper

9. Wine Cork ($22): You know she had to forgo the booze for nine months, so we think a bottle of her favorite wine with a pretty cork might be the best gift ever.


10. Apple TV ($70): For all those late night feedings, give her the gift of entertainment. She’ll be so busy swooning after her favorite romcoms and shows, she’ll almost forget how sleepy she is… almost.

custom necklace

11. Customized Necklace ($46): Let’s face it: She’s head over heels for that tiny human, and she’s going to love anything with his or her name on it.


12. Subscription Box ($30): If you want your BFF to feel pampered all year long, sign her up for a subscription box that brings her new mommy and baby goodies to discover each month.

What are you getting your BFFs for Mother’s Day? Tell us your ideas below!