Between oil slick hair and rainbow hair, Pinterest hair trends these days are all about those unique color combos. The latest one to hit our feeds? Prismetallic hair. These icy cold pastels are the perf blend of this summer’s trending platinum locks mixed with unicorn tones, quickly making mermaid hair a thing of the past. So whether you’re a bottled blonde babe or a girl possessing those naturally golden locks, scroll through these 10 prismetallic hair colors and get ready to embrace your next favorite, ethereal look.

1. Soft Rainbow: Still obsessing over the soft pastel manes in My Little Pony? Give your rainbow ‘do a sweeter appeal by using pale rainbow tones paired with bold bars of color. It’ll provide the extra shine and movement your hair needs.

2. Blue Prism: Give your prismetallic hair a mermaid aura by using delicate blues influenced by the color of the sea. Contrasting different shades of blue and soft white touches will give your hair that magical shimmer effect you’ve been going for.

3. Pink + Purple: Jem’s pink locks have got nothing on you. You can give your prism-inspired hair color a girlish flair by adding pink and purple tones that highlight your spunky style.

4. Serenity + Quartz: You’re the type of gal that’s not afraid to rock those contrasting colors. Paint on some barely blended streaks of this year’s Pantone shades for a look that’s daring enough to embrace an ultra-unnatural look.

5. Purple: Never underestimate the power of purple when it comes to turning heads. Give your eye-popping hair color light touches of silver and gray to add more dimension and create an almost metallic appeal.

6. Aqua + Grey: Ready to update your silvery style? Revamp your on-trend gray by concentrating an aqua coloring closer to your roots, breathing new life into your granny ‘do.

7. Cropped Prism: Okay, so you’ve already shaved your sides, but what’s next for you? For the chick always ready to make a drastic change, color your daring cut with freely placed streaks to add a playful charm to your always evolving style.

8. Pantone Ombre: Is it just us, or is this girl getting some major style inspo from the Little Twin Stars? Bring on those cute cartoon vibes with an ombre hairstyle inspired by one of your fave childhood icons. Gently fade pink to purple to bring together contrasting tones for this candy-colored style.

9. Balayage Blues: Bring on that cool metallic feel by using the balayage technique to add a ton of movement to your ‘do. This coloring style is great for adding an extra dose of sparkle to your blue hair and highlighting your layers.

10. Light Streaks: Not ready to dive into the depths of a nature-defying color? Test out the waters of multicolored hair by adding soft streaks that subtly blend with your natural color. Pro Tip: This look can also be achieved by using hair chalk, rather than fully committing to a permanent dye.

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