Got a Post-it note or twenty hanging from the bottom of your computer screen? Us too. And on our desk, and at the bottom of our laptop bags, and sometimes even in our hair. Well, a brand new offering from Quirky hopes to help streamline all those to-dos, notes, and the like. Meet Prose, a whiteboard for your desktop display.

Invented by Rob Tinkler, Prose is a whiteboard faceplate made to fit over a standard iMac monitor, allowing you to quickly and easily scribble, doodle, and jot down notes.

Additionally, Prose features a tray designed to hold dry-erase markers and even has an opening for a charging cord, so it can act as a shelf for your smartphone.

In addition to helping you get organized, we could see this being a fun vehicle for creativity. You could create custom “frames” for your monitor by drawing patterns and color blocks. You could use the shelf to keep odds and ends that inspire you. And, at home, you can leave love notes for your special someone.

Now the question is, how much would you pay for it? Weigh in over at Quirky and help make this cool concept come to life

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