If you haven’t heard yet, coloring is all the rage. No, we didn’t hear that on the playground — we tried it ourselves! In addition to building motor skills in kids, coloring has been recommended for adults as a form of art therapy, providing stress relief, a creative outlet and a break from the TV screen. If you’re not great at drawing, never fear — paint-by-numbers books have also made their way into the grown-up world of art. And they’re called Querkles.

Querkles start out as groups of circles, but as you color by number, they form truly incredible works of pop art. Famous faces like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Muhammed Ali appear before your eyes. Sure, you might not be da Vinci, but you can still create a Mona Lisa Querkle and take some credit! You can shade in the circles with pencil or opt for a colorful palette, yielding different results every time.

Best of all, these works of art don’t need to just sit unseen in the coloring book when you’re done. The large pages can be torn out and framed. We’re thinking of creating a multi-colored gallery wall, a la Andy Warhol.

You can preorder Querkles: Masterpieces or Querkles: Icons for $12. They’re due to release in October. In the meantime, try out creator Thomas Pavitte’s other series, 1,000 Dot-to-Dot ($13). Yup, that’s connect-the-dots for grown-ups! Looks like we’ve discovered the fountain (pen) of youth ;)

Which Querkle art would you frame on the wall? Share your favorite images in the comments!

(h/t Kottke)