Need to add a punch of personality to your couch, armchair, or bed? Forget about all those typical pillows and go for a few silly ones. Whether you’re schtick is all about animals or all about mix tapes, we’ve got a pillow for you. Besides, who said it was hip to be square?

1. Lips Pillow ($19): Pucker up! This cushy cushion is just what a material girl needs.

2. Macaron Pillows ($90 for 5): Wait, pillows in the form of cookies? If only macarons this gigantic actually existed…

3. Little Barn Throw Pillow ($45): How cute is this little barn? We love the weathered look of the siding.

4. Nom Nom Nom ($35): Ah-mazing! Combine this with the macaron pillows and Cookie Monster would definitely approve.

5. Pancake Floor Pillows ($750): The price point might be steep, but who doesn’t want to lounge all day in a pile of pancakes?

6. Freshly Picked Throw Pillow ($19): An apple a day? Sure, this counts.

7. Retro TV Pillow ($23): Can’t let go of old tech? Cuddle it close in the form of this cheeky pillow.

8. Emerald Owl ($59): Hoooooo wants to snuggle up to this little darlin’?

9. Watermelon Slice Pillow ($29): We heart everything watermelon, and this slice is no exception.

10. Diamond Supply Red Pillow ($60): Um, how badly do we need this for Brit HQ? Badly!

11. Ice Cream Sandwich Pillow ($24): Jury’s out on the whole food pillows trend but how could we not include a classic ice cream sando?

12. Cassette Tape Pillow ($23): Lay your head down while listening to your mix tapes from the ’90s and wonder if God really was one of us.

13. The Village ($38): Get a whole bunch of these to create a village of pillows in a kids’ room or den.

14 .Hold Me Tight Mustache Pillow ($52): Wait, how is this not a play on the “handlebar” mustache?

15. Build Your Block ($72): This company’s got a whole bunch of different buildings so you can actually build your block. We’re partial to this New York style.

16. Boombox Throw ($29): This pillow makes us want to jump on the bed while listening to Jump Around by House of Pain. Don’t you agree?

17. Fauna Mini Owl ($30): Another owl?! Love it.

18. Princess and the Pea ($29): Perfect for your little princess, this pea pillow is as quirky as it is cute.

19. Anchors Away! ($16): We love this for a beach house or sun room.

20. Heart Pillow ($24): We “heart” this. Hehehe.

21. Dog Pillow ($110): This dog makes us think of Doug Funny. Remember Porkchop?

22. Sushi Pouf ($100): Okay we know this is a pouf and not a pillow, but how could we not include it?

23. The Rise and Fall Raccoon Pillow ($29): We love the mix of textile-inspired patterns and a rather forlorn-looking critter.

24. Remote Control Pillow ($10): I guess this is ideal for the TV room? Might be taking that love of the television a step too far.

25. Cupcake Pillow ($24): This chick LOVES her cupcake pillow. We probably would too.

26. Classic High Top Pillow ($18): Now this is the perfect thing for a little boy’s room. What little dude doesn’t love high tops?

27. Couch Potato ($18): This one’s probably too weird to actually have in your home, but it’s a pretty hilarious play on couch potato.

28. Coast Guard Pillow ($29): Always dreamed of being one of those hotties on Baywatch? Or just wanted to hang out with them? ;)

29. Tooth Fairy Pillow ($38): This is a super cute gift for parents with little ones who are about to start losing their teeth. So sweet!

30. Beci Orpin Bear Pillow ($39): Last, a seriously modern take on the teddy bear. We love the pennant flag design!

See any pillows on here you’d use in your home? Tell us in the comments below.