When it comes to scents, most millennial gals like to keep things pretty minimal. Nature-inspired notes, fruity throwbacks and floral fragrances are all fair game. And guess what? The folks at method totally agree. In fact, they’ve just launched a new limited collection dubbed New Americana. The colors, patterns and scents of the collection are inspired by regions in the USA and are made up of Southern Peach, Desert Lily and Coastal Redwood.

So, what scent are you? And what does that scent say about your personality? Follow the infographic below to find out!

Coastal Redwood: You’re pretty outdoorsy. Sometimes this means you like to spend a day cheers-ing with friends in the park, and sometimes this means you’re up for a full-on multi-day backpacking adventure. Your idea of the perfect scent is one that transports you to a tranquil forest where the air is so crisp and clean, you can taste it. You’re drawn to forest green, sage gray and sea blue and love — wait for it, long walks on the beach ;)

Southern Peach: Sweet, fruity and tons of fun, the Southern Peaches amongst us like to keep things classic and colorful. Your ideal weekend involves having a picnic under a tree and sipping lemonade, mint juleps or some other unbelievably refreshing beverage. You like to balance fancy black tie fashion with a backyard BBQ vibe, and your ideal color palette includes sunny orange, citron green and orchard peach.

Desert Lily: You’ve got a relaxed sensibility that draws people to you. When you’re unsure about something, you tend to go with the flow, with the knowledge that things will work out as they’re supposed to. Your dream scent whisks you away to a floral oasis amidst the arid desert landscape of the southwest. You wear a lot of linen. A lot.

This infographic is a collaboration with method.